Tuesday, April 16, 2013

March BarkBox Review + Coupon Code

Yawn... We've been busy enjoying this nice weather by swimming in the lake, lounging poolside, and playing so we ALMOST forgot to post our March BarkBox Review. Oops! We sure did love March's BarkBox, however so did our human brothers! Since when did they start making dog cookies safe for kids to eat? Great! 

Mom is always taking so many photos of us when our BarkBoxes come and laughing the whole time. Hurry up lady and just let us dig in! 

We really loved this Harry Barker toy. I love chewing on fabric things... Like mom's couch cushions and pillows. Oops! Perhaps she would rather me chew on this! 
Once we showed this mouse who was boss by removing it's ears it's been going tough ever since. 

Little Eatz are cookies which are good for both you and your pet. :) Not sure if we like the fact that our human brothers can eat our cookies! 

We also got some yummy FeelGood Ranch Bars which are nice and crunchy. Not to mention all the awesome gift certificates!  All in all this was a great month once again and we loved it. We are really looking forward to April's BarkBox. 

Now get on the computer and visit BarkBox's website HERE .. Maybe leave the computer up.... Nudge your mom or dad over there and promise them you'll be good (puppy eyes all the way). Your BarkBox will ship on the 15th of each month.... But be sure to sign up by the 10th to receive your box that month. Make sure your good until it arrives.... You don't want your parents holding it hostage! 

You also have to make sure you choose your size: small(0-20lbs) medium(20-50lbs) large(50+lbs) Our mom gets us the large size and it works out great! 

Choose a plan: monthly($29.00) 3-month($23.00/box billed at $69.00) 6-month ($19.00/box billed at $114.00) FREE shipping, cancel anytime! 

Use code aussiebbx to save $5.00

So mom doesn't like when we use her IPhone... I mean what's a few teeth marks....gives it character, right? But check out BarkBoxes IPhone app... MORE THINGS FOR YOUR PARENTS TO BUY YOU! WOOF! 

Thanks for reading our March BarkBox review! We are so excited, it's almost time for April's BarkBox!

<3 Sydney and Liberty "The Tailless Tornadoes"

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  1. Thanks for your reviews, these boxes look fabulous!! My fiance and I are looking to adopt a greyhound furkid in the next couple months and I'm pretty sure a bark box subscription will soon follow! :)