Thursday, July 11, 2013

BarkBox June Review + $10.00 off coupon

Ruffs up? Sydney here to tell you about my obsession with BarkBox! And I get to offer you a $10.00 discount! Use code Aussie10off to join the craze! 
 Whoohoo! Mom let me open my BarkBox... Only took her a year to let go and realize this is a box for ME! Woof ya!
 June's BarkBox was a picnic 4th of July themed box. So basically a box packed full of tasty, high quality noms just for me and my sister. What? We had Puptato chips, Bowser Beer, Calm K9 Wafers, Whole Life Burger treats, and a GIANT bone to gnaw on.
 Meet Cooper... Mom tells us this is our brother... Uhhhh? We are not exactly sure but we follow him around and protect him and let him give us all sorts of treats. Since we are so protective you can imagine we don't care for fireworks too much. But those Calm K9 wafers made us lounge on the couch without a care in the world. :D
 Cooper move! You're stealing all the camera time, this is about us and BarkBox! Liberty loved the bone in June's BarkBox. Mom says this kept us busy for hours and she seemed happy about this.
 Doesn't get any better then flavored bones on a hot day! Thanks BarkBox for another great box!
Now get on the computer and visit BarkBox's website HERE .. Maybe leave the computer up.... Nudge your mom or dad over there and promise them you'll be good (puppy eyes all the way). Your BarkBox will ship on the 15th of each month.... But be sure to sign up by the 10th to receive your box that month. Make sure your good until it arrives.... You don't want your parents holding it hostage! 

You also have to make sure you choose your size: small(0-20lbs) medium(20-50lbs) large(50+lbs) Our mom gets us the large size and it works out great! 

Choose a plan: monthly($29.00) 3-month($24.00/box billed at $72.00) 6-month ($19.00/box billed at $114.00) FREE shipping, cancel anytime! 

Use code aussie10off to save $10.00

So mom doesn't like when we use her IPhone... I mean what's a few teeth it character, right? But check out BarkBoxes IPhone app... MORE THINGS FOR YOUR PARENTS TO BUY YOU! WOOF! 

Thanks for reading our June BarkBox review! We are so excited, it's almost time for July's BarkBox!

<3 Sydney and Liberty "The Tailless Tornadoes"

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