Saturday, February 9, 2013

BarkBox January Review + Coupon Code

Hello! We are changing things up a bit this month... Mom doesn't know it yet but we decided this months BarkBox review should really come from the horses mouth.. Ugh.. well you know what we mean! :D We are Sydney and Liberty, two stub shaking, pillow eating, pizza stealing, toy destroying, Aussies who just <3 our BarkBoxes! As you can see we waited until mom wasn't looking and we both made quick attempts to steal this Barkworthies bully stick right out of the box!

Elton the octopus by Jax and Bones.... I thought I heard my mom say this world only had enough room for one Elton and then this guy shows up. Gosh we LOVE HIM! He's ropey, and knotty, and orange! Of course mom gave each of us one but Liberty keeps snatching mine away. :( 

We sure love what mom calls "tug-of-war"... We love to play it with her socks, the patio furniture cushions, the boys awesome toys, dryer sheets, bills! For some reason mom usually doesn't like it.... We just wiggle our little subs and she still loves us and these awesome BarkBoxes keep coming every month, we must be doing something right! 

Definition of TUG-OF-WAR: a struggle for supremacy or control usually involving two antagonists. <----- WHATEVER that means! 

Superior Farms- These might have been our favorite treat to date! Crunchy nougat, scrumptious flavor, and if I get my human little brother's attention and look cute he will feed me these! :D One bag down.... one to go!
YumZies- HA Mom calls these the "perfect training treat" Are you joking lady? We have you trained to give us treats for doing nothing. :D 

Now get on the computer and visit BarkBox's website HERE .. Maybe leave the computer up.... Nudge your mom or dad over there and promise them you'll be good (puppy eyes all the way). Your BarkBox will ship on the 15th of each month.... But be sure to sign up by the 10th to receive your box that month. Make sure your good until it arrives.... You don't want your parents holding it hostage! 

You also have to make sure you choose your size: small(0-20lbs) medium(20-50lbs) large(50+lbs) Our mom gets us the large size and it works out great! 

Choose a plan: monthly($29.00) 3-month($23.00/box billed at $69.00) 6-month ($18.00/box billed at $109.00) FREE shipping, cancel anytime! 
LISTEN UP: This month only (FEB) we heard the people over at BarkBox are doing a fantastic promotion: Save $10.00 and then a shelter/rescue gets $20.00!  RUV IT! Here is what I would like to see.... if you have a unique code from your rescue or shelter please post it on our blog in the comments and that way people can choose and sign up! Sound awesome? WOOF WOOF! 

If it's after February you can always use code aussiebbx to save $5.00! 

So mom doesn't like when we use her IPhone... I mean what's a few teeth it character, right? But check out BarkBoxes IPhone app... MORE THINGS FOR YOUR PARENTS TO BUY YOU! WOOF! 

Thanks for reading our January BarkBox review! We are so excited for February!

<3 Sydney and Liberty "The Tailless Tornadoes"

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  1. Looks like the Aussies had a blast with Elton. I have yet to give our Elton to my dog. It's too cute and I don't want to ruin it :P