Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Acadia Antler Review

Their "BUCK-ing Great"

Acadia Antlers are naturally shed Maine moose antlers which are non splintering, odor-FREE, and last for months of chewing. (YES I SAID MONTHS, no typo there!) And honestly to us humans there is NO SCENT... but not the pups, they recognize the scent immediately. 

I first discovered these antlers back in a BarkBox in August and my Aussies immediately fell in love! See them with it: here and then to my excitement we received another one in November's BarkBox: here. I haven't met a dog who doesn't love antlers! Have a puppy eating your shoes, couches, kids toys, furniture? Then they really need something durable and long lasting like this to chew on. Dogs of all types will sit and chew on these for hours at a time. 

You'll notice these antlers are much darker in color then the antlers you'll find in your average pet shop.... That's because there is nothing average about Acadia Antlers! They use only the freshest Grade A antlers they can get! Acadia Antlers has thought of everything and even has special cuts made just for those strong breeds like pit bulls! 

 Acadia Antler MOOSE RAC- This is an antler on a rope and VERY loved by both Liberty and Sadie. Not only do they chew on this but they also play chase and tug-of-war with it. They love how knobby it is!

Looks so good she's trying to jump and lick it! 
If I could JUST reach it on the counter Mom wouldn't notice it missing..... 
ACADIA ANTLER MOOSE SPLITS is yet another type of antler they sell and it's a thick piece of antler, very durable for long chewing. Which is split so the dogs are attracted to the aroma. I have to say even after having these a couple weeks the pups still chew on them all throughout the day.

Don't these faces look satisfied? Happy girls! :)

ACADIA ANTLERS MOOSE TYNES: Also double for tug-of-war toy.... Forget having two we will just fight over one! :) 

Acadia Antler is really something you should check out for your pup.. They wont be disappointed and neither will you. Check out their website here: http://www.acadiaantlers.com
At the top of the website under the tab "Antler Chews for Sale" is where you will find an array of different antlers for sale. 

It's a sampler platter... All three types of Acadia Antlers at ONCE! 

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  1. I paid $42 for 2 4" antlers. The picture shows 6 antler pieces for $18, but apparently that is only a sampling of the 1 antler you may get. I placed 2 orders and got the 2 - 4" antlers and had to pay $6 in shipping. The product is great, they take a long time to chew up and my dogs love them but $42 for 8" of antler is just too much.