Thursday, August 23, 2012

BarkBox August Review and Coupon Code

The tailless tornados are at it again with a BarkBox Review for you! You're sure to love this monthly box of goodies for your dog as much as we do. Save $5.00 with our coupon code: aussiebbx

As usual the lil'tykes have to check out what their puppies get too!

ACADIA ANTLERS- these are naturally shed (no animals were harmed) Maine Moose antlers which are different then the ones you'd find in your local pet store. I LOVE that they are NO mess, non-splintering, long-lasting, and a natural source of calcium & minerals. Moose antlers are the toughest type of antlers and will keep your dog busy for a long time. Check them out HERE and also see my Acadia Antler review: HERE 

Now maybe this puppy will stop chewing on my base boards and chew on this.....

HYPER PET FLYING PIG- Slingshot dog toy with squeaker that finally makes the saying come true "when pigs fly". This toy made my boys squeal with joy every time I shot it across the room for the tailless tornados. Once our launching fun is done we put it up so we can continue to enjoy this toy without our girls ripping it apart.

NATURES MIRACLE FRESHENING SPRAY- this is a spray perfect to use between baths but makes your dogs smell like they were just bathed! The scent is baby's breath and reminded me of baby powder. I really loved it and the vet thought she just had a bath.

BOCCE'S BAKERY "THE ELVIS" COOKIES- listen to this flavor combination.... Bananas, peanut butter, and turkey bacon. Tell me your dogs wouldn't go nuts for this cookie? Mine loved them! They smell delicious, wheat free, and they make a good reward for training.

Hey mom... Where did those cookies go?!?!

MILK-BONE TRAIL MIX- this is a free sample of a trail mix by milk-bone.... BarkBox is great at giving us cookies and treats from awesome bakeries so some people didn't love this.... Hey it's a sample... Love it or leave it. :)

Is it September yet? We love BarkBox and our Sydney & Liberty so much that starting next month we'll be Getting TWO boxes! Too bad for now they'll be sharing one Acadia Antler until I order them more! Here sits Liberty staring at the counter waiting for September! Haven't signed up yet? What are you waiting for? See below for all the info!

Visit BarkBox's website HERE

Use my coupon code: aussiebbx to save $5.00

Choose size: small, medium, large

Choose a plan: monthly($29.00) 3-month($22.00/month) 6-month ($17.50/month) FREE shipping, cancel anytime!

Get your BarkBox: They ship on the 15th of each month.... But be sure to sign up by the 10th to receive your box that month.

Disclaimer: I pay for my own subscription, I don't work for BarkBox (although I'd love to) they didn't ask for our opinion. All opinions are my own... Well mine and the tailless tornados!

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