Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wittlebee Box Review + Coupon Code

I'm a mom who wants my boys looking as stylish as possible but it's nearly impossible to attempt to take them shopping with me and accomplish anything. With a recent move from CA to AZ my choices in stores dramatically vanished and I was devastated. Then I discovered the ingenious cutting edge company, Wittlebee! You're just a few clicks away from putting your kids clothes on autopilot........

This box is a 3T/5T split boys box with 3 replacement items. I do have two accounts and my second one will unfreeze for winter clothing options next month. I don't always need two boxes and Wittlebee easily freezes my other account as often as I need to. So when I freeze one account I then do a split box for those months for my boys. Check out my first months Wittlebee boxes: HERE

After a hiccup with my second month I got VERY SPECIFIC with my selections and my style notes. Here is what I asked for:

My notes section said: "3T/5T split boys box with 3 replacement items. LOVE: Paul Frank, Wes & Willy, SURF, SKATE, ROCK. If you have winter items please send. HATE: Polos, cars, airplanes, stripes. My kids aren't preppy!"

I think a very specific notes section including what you don't like really helps the Wittlebee stylist choose the right things. After all they aren't mind readers! I find when it comes to clothes with certain graphics like cars, and airplanes I'm way more picky so I'd rather just not receive them in my boxes. So leave very detailed notes!

Small Paul by Paul Frank is one of my favorite boys brands! The shirts are all so bright, fun, and creative. I was just recently in Las Vegas and went into the Paul Frank store. To my surprise the shirts we receive in our boxes are the shirts they are currently selling in their store at regular price (around $16.99-$18.99).

The entire outfit looked so cute together!

The stylist even sent my boys matching shorts that had skull and crossbones on them! I LOVE that they put that much effort into my box and I like having matching stuff for my lil'tykes.

I received 4 pairs of Children's Place shorts & one swim trunks my MisTeeV-US. We also received two Small Paul, two American Apperal, one MisTeeV-Us & one Authentic J Khaki. (I receive 8 piece boxes but had 3 replacement items)

Living in AZ we can never have enough swim trunks for our boys. Loved this pair I got for my older som because they are so wild and fun. Next month I need to start receiving all fall/winter items to start stalking up.... The quality of the Authentic J Khaki shirt I received is impressive... Hoping the other fall/winter items are just as awesome!

Wittlebee's monthly boxes now contain 6 items for $39.99/month and that's a great deal for a box of clothing worth over $100.00. (People who signed up before July 1st get 8 items/box but the same value). Their boxes are built around the concept of basics. With my special link you can save $10.00 and only pay $29.99 for your first month!

Click on my special link to sign up and save $10.00 on your first box! Click HERE

This face says it all... We are ALL SMILES this month with our impressive Wittlebee box.

Disclaimer: I pay for my own subscription, I wasn't sent anything for free or asked to do a review. All opinions are my own.

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