Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wonder Box Review and Coupon Code

Wonder Box Review- Mad Scientist

Wonder Box is a monthly box for curious kids ages 3 to 6. It includes three handpicked projects + all supplies. Monthly themes include crafts, science & more. The box we received to review was their Mad Scientist Box.

Meet Ed the Otter he's Wonder Box's official mascot. According to Wonder Box they hired him because otters are playful and curious creatures who love to explore and have fun in their world... just like Wonder Box kids! He's there to help kids connect with each month's theme and with the projects they find inside every Wonder Box. As soon as Caleb saw this Otter he said "look Mommy it's a science box, hurry and open it". I love this creative idea & it really works!

When the box first arrived the kids weren't home & the tailless tornados Sydney & Liberty were even wondering what was inside.....

The box comes so nicely wrapped and inside your envelope is where you can find the handout on the projects included in the box. Now it's time to see inside.....

The projects came in these satchels with the directions attached. Kids like to misplace things so I really appreciated this added touch.

I really enjoyed watching Caleb be able to do the activities himself. The directions weren't complicated, only a few steps, very age appropriate but still fun. This I Spy Bottle came filled 1/2 with oil, then Caleb & I picked out the letters to spell his first and last name, added sequins and then filled the rest of the bottle with water. Both boys loved watching the letters and sparkles slowly float around! He kept saying "oh magic".

Magnet Magic- A 3.5yr old + a magnet= fun to be had for the entire night! This project came with two bingo cards, wire rimmed colored chips and a dice. During this project we talked about shapes, colors, and the science based around how a magnet works.

Our fun pack included three pictures with shape stickers. Cooper was feeling left out so I included him in the fun. Although Cooper is too young for Wonder Box (ages 3-6) I let him put a sticker on with strict parental supervision.

This box even included a recipe for Bubble Bread... We plan on making that too & look forward to the continued fun.

Wonder Box far exceed my expectations & I plan on getting more boxes for my son and I to explore. Thinking about trying something like this for your family? Wonder box has generously offered my readers a coupon code to save $5.00 off your Wonder Box!

Check out Wonder Box's website: HERE

The cost: $19.99/month monthly plan (free shipping)
$58.99/3 month plan+bonus gift (free shipping)

USE CODE: TornadoFIVE to save $5.00 off any Wonder Box purchase.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product(s) for review, I was in no other way compensated for my review. All opinions are my own.


  1. hi,
    loved reading your blog abut the wonder box... i'm from india and my son is 4 yrs;ve described the bottle experiment sooo well that i plan to try it with my son with thgs available here... :)
    Thanks a bunch..
    do keep sharing about the things in wonder box

  2. I have the best of intentions with my kids, but a lot of times an activity I really want to do doesn't get done because I'm scrambling to get the pieces together - this is so awesome because it's all there for you! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the coupon code!