Monday, August 20, 2012

Citrus Lane August Box Review + Coupon Code

Citrus Lane "Back To School" Box Review

Citrus Lane did it once again with a perfect theme, fantastic products, great value, valuable discount offers, and bringing a smile to not only my face but my two boys also!

SKIP*HOP ZOO LUNCHIE- ($14.00)This owl insulated lunchie is adorable. I've heard many people say they find this owl girlie but it's blue & red...owls are cool. When my older son saw me looking up SKIP*HOP online to use our generous 25% off discount he instantly found the dog lunchie with matching backpack and begged me for it. These lunchies have a top handle and clip so they can be attached to backpacks, strollers, you name it.

PLUM ORGANICS LITTLE CREMES- ($3.75) these remind me of yogurt melts but are 100% dairy free! Made of organic rice milk, 50% veggies, and are pomegranate, beet, and berry flavor.

Cooper loves trying new things and these Plum Organics were a big hit.... He refused to share with his brother but did let his new puppy have one and she liked them too.

INNOBABY PACKING SMART KEEPAA- ($5.99) So its not often my older son just snatches something out of his younger brothers hand... This product caught his eye and boy oh boy did I wish I had two at that very moment. Is is a drink holder which adjusts for universal use and really helps so that the juice doesn't get squeezed all over!

ECO-ME- ($4.00) We received samples of dish soap and floor cleaner that are free of harmful chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances. They use simple safe products with a hint of essential oils for that clean scent.

BUS STOPS by TARO GOMI- ($6.95) this book is creative, artistic, educational & my boys wanted to read it over and over. Our love of books is never ending.

So Cooper is 17 months but I set his age up at 2 yrs because I find upping his age works better for the products he receives. Citrus Lane is fantastic at gearing each box so it fits in that developmental phase... But with Cooper having an older brother he has hit his markers much faster.

Citrus Lane boxes are for ages NB- 3yrs old. Every month is a different theme. So far I've received "Dining out", "Bedtime, Bathtime", "Fun In The Sun", "Little Artist", "Bon Voyage" and now "Back to School".

Citrus Lane is my favorite company! I highly suggest it, you won't be disappointed. If you think you'd be interested in receiving these boxes please click on my link: HERE

THEN use code SPRINGFUN OR 10TODAY to take 10% off! You'll save $7.50 on three months, $12.50 on six months, or $25 on twelve months!

I'll include this in every review until my DREAMS COME TRUE! Ok so you say that was a lot of pro's & no con's..... Here's my CON: I want to subscribe to two boxes! I want the age to go past 3yrs. My 3.5yr old would just love a box of his own.... HINT HINT!

Disclaimer: I'm a paying customer of Citrus Lane, I don't work for them (although I'd love to). They didn't ask me to write a review & all opinions are my own.


  1. When did you start to up your son Cooper's age? My little one is 10 months old and I was unimpressed with her box this month as we keep getting items that she is almost grown out of. I am unsure if you've seen the 10 month old box but we got a stroller toy from Skip Hop instead of the lunchie we were hoping for, stage2 baby food (she is almost completely self fed now except for BM) Innobabies little containers which are almost identical to the Lock and Locks I already own and a spray disinfectant (which we received a similar one two months ago) and her book. The previous two months I was much more impressed with her boxes. I Think I need to up her age as well I am just unsure how far ahead you think I should go. Please let me know your opinion! Thanks so much for your reviews and advice.

    Dee Sunday aka Sophistication's Mom

    1. Hi Dee! Well it all sort of happened by mistake. Instead of putting 3/3/11 I had put 3/3/10. I caught it after the first month but then I really loved everything I was getting and found my boys were sharing. Two months ago I played around with the ages to get it so in their system he's right at the 24 month mark. I wanted to make sure if toys were for 2+ he would still get them. This has worked great for us for all these months! Hope this helps....

  2. I'd also say to look around at the ages listed on the toys she plays with and gear that for how far up you want to go. 18 months?

    1. Lol yes she's playing with toys around the 18 month mark. Walking toys, ride ons, etc. Lots of noise and banging toys. Thank you again