Tuesday, July 24, 2012

S3 StatGear Stethoscope Tape Securing Device Review + Give Away!

StatGear Review & Give Away

Being a nurse my job consists of the use of many types of necessary equipment. One thing we use the most is medical tape but the question always comes up... Where's the tape? Or our pockets are always jam packed with copious amounts of other things and we always forget tape.... Forget no more! Not only will this innovative gadget by StatGear keep your medical tape from getting lost, it'll make it easily accessible for rapid tape removal!

The S3 Stat takes only seconds to place onto your stethoscope.
Fits all Stethoscope types.
Made of solid light weight material, comes in a variety of colors.
Balances out the weight of your stethoscope.
Tape doesn't slide around on your stethoscope, rolls off easier, and tape can be changed easily when roll is complete.

Be the envy of every coworker with an S3 Stat by StatGear!

The tape rolls off with so much ease.

Sporting the S3 StatGear! See how it really balances out my stethoscope? Want one for yourself to try? Are you in the medical field? Know or love a Nurse, CNA, or Paramedic.... See below for info on how to win one!


FIVE lucky winners will receive one S3 Stat (random color)! Here's how to enter:

1. "Like" StatGear on Facebook: HERE Let them know I sent you!
2. Leave a comment about why you'd like to receive this product (make it creative).
3. For 1 extra entry become a follower on my blog.

Giveaway ends JULY 31st MIDNIGHT! Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product(s) for review, I was in no other way compensated for my review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Always need some tape. The Handier the better! these look pretty neat!

  2. Would love to have one of these. I normally hang my tape on the ambulance by a bar that runs across the ceiling, but with my new partner (new to driving) and all the fast turns he makes, my taPPE ends up everywhere and still secured to the ceiling, but unraveled.
    Would be a great spot for out tape.

  3. Carol Ann HughesJuly 24, 2012 at 2:21 PM

    I'd love to have this. My tape is usually in my pocket and after a busy shift is usually a gooey mess if I can find it at all. A clean secure way to hang on my stetoscope is just what I need.

  4. Always looking for tape...and usually you have your other hand holing something like an IV or something else and you can't wonder to find the tape!! This would end that!

  5. You know I am envisioning myself on a motor vehicle collision and having to hold C-spine. We need tape. Ok, everyone says they don't have tape. In the confusion & chaos for looking for said tape, I see myself accidentally lifting my hands off C-spine patting my pants down for the tape. I know it must be there! Then I *GASP*!! OMG, I've lifted my hands off him & now...well...HE'S PARALYZED all because I lifted my hands to find that doggone tape!!! I hurry & put my hands back hoping noone noticed!! *sigh* What I would give to have a roll of tape at moments notice!!! IT could save a LIFE!! Thank you for giving us a chance to win! ;)

  6. Can you all please email me your address so I can ship out your prize! You're all winners!