Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spots-Light Collar & Leash Review & Discount Code


"Pet Safety made simple & affordable!" This slogan truly does fit for Spots-Light.com collars and leashes. They are made with bright LED lights with up to 75hrs of battery life & the battery can easily be changed with much ease. I was ecstatic to do this product review and the quality of the products were almost unbelievable!

Living in Lake Havasu City, AZ often times we are forced to walk our dog either early in the morning or at night when the temp has dropped. Our streets have no street lights and as you can see from this picture it's pitch black!

Spots-Light.com come in black, red, pink, navy, or purple. They carry collars, leashes, harnesses, & even replacement batteries. The LED lights turn on/off with one easy click & the batteries are easy to replace.

I can honestly say NONE of my leashes or collars come anywhere close to the quality of these Spots-Light.com products. Even the handle of the leash is padded! It's comfortable to hold, really unlike anything I've seen on the market.

I wanted to get some shots with the leash and collar used at night so you can see just how well they both light up. There is no missing us on the street! These are BRIGHT!

From across the street...You really can't be missed!

I value my dogs safety, do you? My lil' tykes couldn't live without their tailless tornados! Which is why I'm glad I've found a safer way to walk my dogs at night!

Spots-Light.com is now in my opinion one of those MUST have pet safety products. They are offering my readers a 5% discount using code Lil.

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My tailless tornados can rest easy knowing that I have their safety under control with Spots-Light.com

Disclaimer: I was sent this product(s) for review, I was in no other way compensated for my review. All opinions are my own.

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