Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pet Portables Review

Pet Portables is an all in one solution for your pet travel needs. When I found this company I knew it was a necessity in any pet owners life and I can't wait to share this review with you. Our tailless tornados swim, hike, go to the dog park daily and a travel kit like this is such a necessity.

On our morning hike it's nice to have a bag like this to throw on and take along. You never know what you'll need or maybe you'll run into someone else in need of help.

This sturdy nylon bag even comes with an I.D. tag, zipper closure, adjustable strap, and plenty of room for all the storage you'll need.

Sydney gave this bag quite the inspection and she told me she approves!

Portable water bowl- I can't tell you how many times this has come in handy already. Such a great idea and great for road trips with your dog, as well as hikes, camping, you name it!

Things can happen along the way.... Leash or collar break? Find a stray dog? This is a fantastic addition to your travel bag.

Pet Portables even comes with a pet first aide kit and being a nurse I think this kit is priceless! The kit even contains styptic powder.... I can't tell you how many occasions I've needed that and didn't have it. It also has coflex bandage which is a more secure bandage, easier to use on pets.

The back lists all the contents of the kit.

The small box is deceiving.... Look at how jam packed this emergency kit is with useful, necessary products for any pet owner.

Incase you weren't keeping track Pet Portables Travel Safety Kit contains the following:
Sturdy nylon bag(13"x9"x3") with luggage tag
I.D. Card for pet's photo and vital information
4 compartments for bottled water,food and medications etc.
Basic first aid kit for emergency care
Handy collar/leash combo
Collapsible bowl
Earth-friendly scoop bags

Check out this bag here:
It sells for $49.95, which is a fantastic value!

Since my tykes & tailless tornadoes are so important to me Pet Portables also informed me about their kids first aide kit and asked if I'd review it.... Heck I'm a nurse... I love first aide kits so I jumped at the chance. Click HERE for that review.

Disclaimer: I received product(s) free of charge for my review, no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own, well me & my Aussies!

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