Friday, November 2, 2012

October BarkBox Review + Coupon Code

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does. -Christopher Morley

It's time for another BarkBox review! I'm really not sure who gets more excited each month, me or the girls. Let's start with the reasons we are in love, slightly obsessed and just amazed with BarkBox each month. They donate 10% to rescue groups, the products are unique, treats are all USA/Canada made, the shipping is free, and the customer service team is always there to help. :)

My tailless tornadoes will share if they have to but they prefer to each get a box of their own. These Lollycadoodle toys are made from 100% wool, which means NO stuffing! :) They are handmade by trained artisans in Nepal.

Honest Discounts- Did you know you can save 10-75% on your dogs prescription drugs at your local drugstore? I sure didn't! So this months BarkBox included a pre-activated discount card. We'll need to look into this. :)

This snake was very popular with Sydney and Liberty!

Feelgood Trail Blazin' Blitz- Turkey liver recipe is wheat, gluten, and preservative-free! These treats are extra crunchy and my tailless tornadoes get so excited when they see the bag.

Metro Paws Poopy Bags- since poop happens why not pick it up in style with these Metro Paw bags? :)

Humunga Stache- a dog toy/ball/disguise all wrapped into one. What a perfect toy to include for the month of October!

"Mom really, we are ladies, we don't wear mustaches.... Ok well maybe just this one time!"

Tropiclean- this is a teeth cleaning gel that helps freshen your dogs breath. Our girls are 12 months and 5 months so they like to put up a good fight but this is so important.

So what's keeping you from trying it out? I actually save money by getting BarkBox! No more trips to the pet store, the treats we get are far better quality and when we run out it's time for another BarkBox. If your dog loves trying new toys this is an awesome way to do it. Also LISTEN TO THIS........ Refer a friend and they save $5.00 and you earn a FREE MONTH of BarkBox! Now who else gives incentives like this?!

Visit BarkBox's website HERE
Use my coupon code: aussiebbx to save $5.00
Choose size: small(0-20lbs) medium(20-50lbs) large(50+lbs)
Choose a plan: monthly($29.00) 3-month($22.00/month=$66.00) 6-month ($17.50/month=$105.00) FREE shipping, cancel anytime!

Get your BarkBox: They ship on the 15th of each month.... But be sure to sign up by the 10th to receive your box that month.


  1. Alan and Lorraine got our pups the Barkbox for christmas, and they loved everything in their first box. ESPECIALLY the Yumzies! they were over the moom for them! What a great treat everymonth. they (We) are loving it!!

    1. Awe I am so glad to hear that! <3 My girls know now when the box arrives and they get so excited. It's too funny! My girls love the Yumzies too! :)