Monday, November 5, 2012

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Review

So you might be wondering what's so special about popcorn for it to get it's own blog review. Well let me tell you when the box arrived from Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company and I saw the LARGE selection of flavors we immediately opened several bags to try out. Not only did they impress me.... The kids loved them too! The flavors are delicious.

JalapeƱo- with white cheddar cheese... Does have a zest but very tolerable. A favorite for sure, very flavorful.

Butter- this tastes just like movie theatre popcorn! Yummy! So delicious.

Kettle- that mix of sweet and salty.

Naked- a hint of salt... I thought would be my least favorite but the mild flavor was refreshing.

Southwest Cheddar- rich red chili flavor, spicy, and bold.

White Cheddar- cheesy, tangy with real cheddar cheese and it's packed full of flavor in every bite.

Carmel- Since I have such a sweet tooth this was by far in my top two....

Cinnamon Sugar- cinnamon and sugar on popcorn= a child's sweet addiction. :)

As you can see now they have Caleb hooked on the cinnamon flavor!

Are you gluten free? Can't have nuts? Well I have some great news!


Many companies claim to be environmentally friendly but RMPC factory facility headquarters are actually operated using 100% wind powered energy.... Now how cool is that?

Check out Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company Online: HERE
(you can purchase awesome gifts including a monthly popcorn club, speciality tins)

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Disclaimer: I received product(s) free of charge for my opinions, I was in no other way compensated and all opinions are my own.

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