Saturday, September 22, 2012

BarkBox September Review and Coupon Code

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras

BarkBox delivery day is my tailless tornados favorite day of the month. Sure I get other boxes in the mail but when this arrives there is no keeping it a secret.... The girls have it sniffed out and are waiting to see what surprises are about to come their way. BarkBox hit one out of the park yet again with their exciting September box! Decide you want to sign up? Use code aussiebbx and save $5.00 now! Come on we'll show you all our goodies......

Barkworthies- these natural bully sticks are made from 100% beef. When I opened this months BarkBox this bully stick was immediately stolen out by Sydney & kept her busy for awhile.

Zukes Z-Bones- A natural edible dental chew that freshens breath in clean apple crisp flavor. This was another favorite for the tailless tornados & we'll be buying more soon.

Whole Life Pet Freeze Dried Sweet Potato- I just recently discovered how much dogs love sweet potatoes and it's actually good for them! These are a great training bite size treat and are freeze dried with a crisp texture they really enjoy. We also received a freeze dried chicken sample (what a cool idea!)

LA Fresh W.A.G Wipes- When our tailless tornados play their fur gets so crusty around their head and neck. These wipes are perfect for those quick wipe off moments.

Zigoo Pets Crinket Toy- What dog doesn't love playing with water bottles? But usually after just a few minutes the bottle is destroyed and you have to pry it away from your devastated doggie... PROBLEM SOLVED with Crinket toy! This toy is made from a flexible, durable, vanilla scented material. Soap up your water bottle and insert (will be a snug fit) and your dog will be crinking away.

My tailless tornadoes loved this toy so much they even slept with it. And the durability is UNLIKE any other toy we own! We loved this toy so much we decided to feature it on its own blog review. Click HERE to see my Crinkets review!

WAG.COM- an online store for all your pets needs with free 2-day shipping on orders over $49.00. We received a coupon for $10.00 off our first order.

The tailless tornadoes aren't the only ones who go bananas for BarkBox... My lil'tyke (part monkey) even tried to climb up to see what was inside. Want this excitement in your home? Less trips to the pet store? SIGN UP FOR BARKBOX TODAY!

Visit BarkBox's website HERE

Use my coupon code: aussiebbx to save $5.00

Choose size:small, medium, large

Choose a plan: monthly($29.00) 3-month($22.00/month=$66.00) 6-month ($17.50/month=$105.00) FREE shipping, cancel anytime!

Get your BarkBox: They ship on the 15th of each month.... But be sure to sign up by the 10th to receive your box that month.

Disclaimer: I pay for my own subscription, I don't work for BarkBox (although I'd love to) they didn't ask for our opinion. All opinions are my own... Well mine and the tailless tornados!