Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wittlebee September Box Review

Since I have discovered Wittlebee I no longer have to drag my boys shopping for clothes! With just a few clicks, very specific notes, a stylist chooses clothes for my lil'tykes and ships it for FREE right to my door.... Now that's hassle shopping done right!

The boys know when they see this bee it's time to pose and try on clothes. In this months box I asked for two new brands: Tiny Whales & Warrior Poet and we scored TWO OF EACH! These soft, whimsical shirts by Tiny Whales are exactly what I was hoping for!

THUMBS UP for Tiny Whales... It passed the 3.5yr old test!

Have you heard of Warrior Poet? Well check them out! No reason why girls have to have all the good looking clothes.... Boys can look sharp too!

Chillin' with his Wittlebee box and new threads by Warrior Poet!

I requested long sleeves and pants. Although neither of these would be something I would pick out they are good comfortable lounge wear for the winter.

I did mention liking "two-fer" type shirts & they delivered on that request also. :)

Wittlebee's monthly boxes now contain 6 items for $39.99/month and that's a great deal for a box of clothing worth over $100.00. (People who signed up before July 1st get 8 items/box but the same value). Their boxes are built around the concept of basics. With my special link you can save $10.00 and only pay $29.99 for your first month!
Click on my special link to sign up and save $10.00 on your first box! Click HERE

Have two kids? Try splitting a box! In your notes section you say what you want for size example: 3T/5T boys split boxes, include what you DON'T like in addition to the brands and styles you do. I have two accounts but sometimes don't need that many clothes so I pause one account and split the boxes for awhile. WAIT... Maybe you don't want a box every month? Wittlebee has solved this problem with a hassle free section on your profile under "Next Billing Date" it says "Pause Subscription" and when clicked on gives you the option to choose a date up to 3 months out to pause your account until. What are you waiting for? SIGN UP TODAY!

Disclaimer: I pay for my own subscription to Wittlebee, I wasn't asked to write a review. All opinions are my own.

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